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5 most underutilized Google Webmasters Tools features to maximize your SEO Campaign

There are certainly tons of features in Google Webmasters Tools which are loved or loathed equally by search marketers and developer. Still there are few more features which often go unnoticed by the users. These features are very useful, and at times, critical. Here, are some of those underutilized features which I think, if used […]


5 Internet Marketing Tips for 2014

Internet marketing is the only business opportunity today where a person can start with almost no capital and can be up running to generate revenue within some days. Obviously, there are no free lunches. Some great internet marketing tips that let you Market smarter and not just harder: 1) Animal-proof your Search Engine Optimization Google […]


Contextual Link Building for SEO and its Advantages

Many businesses use contextual links on their websites to gain traffic and search engine optimization (SEO). Some have identified the pros and cons of these links and have started to use them as an advantage. Let’s examine this closer and discuss what contextual links are. What is a contextual link? A contextual link is a […]


Top Digital Marketing Trends for the Year 2013

What is Digital Marketing? Digital marketing is a modern method Search Results Media (SRM) implements to gain business. SRM uses this tool to help businesses relay their message directly to consumers. This is achieved through various digital channels, some of which include direct emailing, SMS, Newsletters via apps, social networks (facebook, twitter) and mobile devices. […]


How Web Responsive Design Can Help Your SEO Strategy

Businesses launch a new technological device every month as it seems, the advance technology on these devices allows consumers to get on the web with just one click. This is where Search Results Media (SRM) applies a web responsive design. Web responsive design is a method that helps your SEO strategy. With the implementation of […]


Choose the Best Digital Marketing Agency for Your Business

It is no secret that digital marketing is on the rise. Businesses are investing a huge chunk of their money in digital marketing. It is essential to pick the best digital marketing agency for your business. Choose Search Results Media (SRM). The following information will assure you that our company meets the requirements to partner […]


Top 10 Advantages of Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is essential for all businesses. Search Results Media (SRM) provides this beneficial service. Social Media Marketing increases communication for organizations through the use of social networks. SRM ensures that many advantages are brought forward with his strategy; the top 10 advantages of social media marketing which SRM strives to achieve include the […]


Google Improves Geo-targeting and Location Extensions

Google has made some great improvements to the Geo-targeting and location extensions, making amendments to the current features for the holiday season. It has been observed that a great deal of actual purchases is made in stores, the more use of tablets and PC is going to influence those purchases. The studies indicate that 80 […]