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5 Internet Marketing Tips for 2014

Internet marketing is the only business opportunity today where a person can start with almost no capital and can be up running to generate revenue within some days. Obviously, there are no free lunches.

Some great internet marketing tips that let you Market smarter and not just harder:

1) Animal-proof your Search Engine Optimization

Internet Marketing

Google assigns “pet names” to their algorithm which includes Google Penguin, Panda, Hummingbird. It’s essentially making sure your site will always be up to Google’s standards, no matter what sort of cute animal algorithm update comes next. Author Rank is the Google’s latest effort in ensuring that SERP results are credible. The more number of quality article will result in greater credibility in the eyes of Google. As all websites incorporate a link building campaign because higher your ranking, greater the visibility and ROI you get. Some tips that will ensure you to get improved rankings includes:

  • Make sure you have built links from only relevant and authoritative sites
  • Avoid automatic link building process
  • Avoid keyword stuffing and use Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) keywords
  • Write quality content blog and share widely in social networks because without promoting it properly is like building a casino in the desert.
  • Improve speed of your site
  • Make sure you use ALT tags for all images and Also create the sitemap.

2) Focus more on your Google Plus Business Page

Google Marketing

As above said, the only SEO trend for 2014 is going to be “Author Rank”. According to Matt Cutt’s – “It’s not just going to be about markup, but about the quality of the author”. Yet the factors on which Google is going to determine the rank of an author is not known, but it’s pretty safe to say that it will definitely include quality, quantity and the relevancy of connections on Google Plus page. Number of +1s, comment and shares on your activity of Google+ page is also a factor to be considered. So, if you want to get found in Google, then start to build up your circles.

3) Content Still Remains King in 2014

Quality content is the key for Google ranking. Investing in a visitor-friendly quality content is essential to SEO success and its benefits go far beyond rankings. Writing keyword rich content is really important as it presents the search engines an idea of what your site is all about and what keyword phrases you desire to be ranked for. Well composed content is important for three primary reasons:

  • Engages the reader
  • Increases search engine traffic and rankings
  • Promotes the quality links from other sites

4) Stop Cold Calling as it’s becoming less effective

People are not answering phone calls the way they did once for marketing, that’s the reason it’s becoming very unusual to be able to convert it in a lead. Start attracting people instead of disturbing and annoying them with unasked phone calls, advertisements and emails. Especially in this day and age, where everything is available on the web; it’s time to leave outbound marketing and adopt embrace inbound marketing. Key points in generating inbound leads includes:

  • Search Engine Optimization(SEO)
  • Blogging
  • Listening

Now, Traditional cold calling will be replaced with permission-based calling. To create more leads in the permission-based marketing paradigm, marketers will need to concentrate on things like providing business information that’s easily accessible on the web, associating in mediums such as HubSpot, Google Hangouts, Webinars.

5) Increase traffic With Paid Social Media Advertising

Social Media Marketing

Paid Social media is just a tool which amplifies visibility on Search Engine Results Page. As a paid social media advancement gets your content posts in front of targeted eyeballs, lots of people will be exposed to it who would not otherwise see your message. According to research, 66% of advertisers use Paid Social Media Ads increasingly as an integrated, cross-platform tactic and 75% advertisers in total use sponsored content like to promote tweets or Facebook Ads. Objectives to use paid Social Ads includes:

  • Create more awareness or influence opinion about the brand
  • Clarity around how to measure social media Return on Investment
  • It is appealing because you can use them to target the right audience, increase traffic to your website and gain new customers for your business.
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