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Custom URLs for Google Plus Profiles – Is It For you?

I, you, and everyone are active these days over social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus. Isn’t it? Following the success of Facebook and Twitter, Google+ has set its own benchmark. It is creating waves in the market since it has been launched, and it has millions of active users today.

Those who are active on Google+ might have found the profile URL is somewhat strange like this:

These numbers collectively indicate user ID, but it really looks ugly. More or less, it is hard to remember as well, and of course you won’t like it as it’s a spot where you share updates daily in front of the millions of people and show your passion. So is there any way to chuck out this jumbled url? Relatively, the good news is Google allows its users to personalize the URLs now. However, you can only customize your profile URL if you are a celebrity or a famous personality so far. Currently, Google only allows to utilize this feature to the famous brands and some verified accounts. But don’t get disappointed because soon this feature will be available to everyone.

With this upcoming scheme, your username will appear in the URL behind ‘+’ sign right after URL. So, for example, if the username is serachresultsmedia, the profile URL will be like

With this feature, one thing is sure that people will be able to find each other very easily. It is quite simple for a brand that wants to point people and promote its latest additions, and an actor can easily promote his upcoming movie. Whatever the purpose is, the customized url will help people connect each other easily. So, until Google officially announces this feature for everyone, let’s wait and stay tuned.

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