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Google Improves Geo-targeting and Location Extensions


Google has made some great improvements to the Geo-targeting and location extensions, making amendments to the current features for the holiday season. It has been observed that a great deal of actual purchases is made in stores, the more use of tablets and PC is going to influence those purchases.

The studies indicate that 80 to 90 percent of people make an online inquiry when they want to buy something, which makes intuitive and anecdotal sense. However, many sellers seem to have not completely understood this until recently. Today, people are searching online and getting in line with the business. In accordance with the latest trend, Google is making various changes and improvements to its location targeting features. These two features are available in more countries including UAE, Bulgaria, Argentina, Romania, Russia and Vietnam to make the business details easily available on the go. The Geo-targeting options are also expanded in the following countries: departments in France, counties in the United Kingdom, and cities in Russia, Argentina, and UAE.

With these improvements in AdWords location targeting and extensions, a person can easily find and call your business. Location targeting displays the ads to you in particular geographic locations you want to reach, while location extensions dynamically connect your business address and telephone number to your ads.

For an example: if you search any airport in Google, you will see the desired airport and a complete map. This is really helpful to reach business and travellers on the go. This is how it looks like:


From a demographic point of view, it’s the most effective way to hit the target audience who is looking for last-minute travel and entertainment options. Once such mobile display ads are created, a person can easily go through the geographic performance reports to review the performance of specific campaigns.

Google shows site links and location extensions together now with bigger maps and better location matching, which are magnificent and handful improvements. The map panel will replace the existing expandable map, and when you click the location extension address, search results will be shown at the right on top.

Below is the screen shot of the larger map:


The screenshot shows location extensions and site links together:

To focus on the local business information, improve sales conversions, clicks and revenue, these improvements are really going to help marketers


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