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Search Queries Alerts – The Latest update in Webmaster Tools

To complement lately raised alerts for Crawl Errors, Google has officially presented alerts for Search Queries data. As a part of this latest update, the Search Query feature has been incorporated with the Webmaster Tools.

With this latest update, people who use Webmaster Tool will get the notifications directly into their mailbox. Everyone generally checks Webmaster Tool regularly, however, some people may not get a time to keep an eye on their websites a whole day. With an incorporation of Search Queries alert, one doesn’t need to chew over all the data and spot out the main issues.

This is how alert will look like:


As Javier Tordabley mentioned in official google webmaster central blog, they process website’s all data and try to find out the problems that could be critical and important for the webmaster. With the Serach Queries features, one can see clicks and impressions for the top web pages over time. It means that webmasters will be able to identify the reason behind the sudden drop or rise in numbers of clicks easily. To receive the alert messages, one needs to sign up for email forwarding. Nevertheless, a time will tell how much effective this feature is and if you can rely on it!

What’s your opinion? Do you think this update will help you analyze your website in a better way?


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