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SEO on Other’s Site – Does it Make Sense?


Yes, you read right! “SEO for the other’s site”! Lots of questions might be running in your mind with this strange tactic of doing optimization for someone else’s site, but the fact is that it can definitely benefit you. So let’s see how SEO for someone else’s site can help you? Believe it or not but this method can certainly help you leverage the authority and strength of your own site.

Rand Fishkin, a CEO and Co-founder of SEOmoz, explained this theory on insightful Whiteboard Friday and described how it makes sense. It’s fact that in SEO we all learn initially about putting creating lots of backlinks through various off page activates such as article submission, blogging, posting press releases, putting lots of content on a site, stuffing keywords, forum posting and commenting – doing a complete SEO work on your site to boost its ranking.

Well, it sounds strange but doing SEO on somebody else’s site might make great sense when it comes to the Reputation Management. You might want to control the search results for your brand name since you don’t want someone else draw away your traffic or say something bad about your brand. Furthermore, it’s not just limited to the reputation management but if you find something great written about your brand, make sure it ranks well. To make this point clear, let’s take a look at this example: if you open a new shop and create a Facebook and Twitter page for that to create its online presence. Now if someone writes something good about your products, generally it might not rank very well since no great job might have been done from the SEO prospective. But if you talk about the brand name, it’s actually going to increase your conversion rate and more and more people will come to your site to buy stuff. As well, if you improve its ranking, you will also get better result than ever before.

Second thing Rand explained is that you can leverage the domain authority of other websites. It does not mean that you put links back your site. But if you have posted something interesting on other’s sites, it can definitely help you drive more traffic to your site with the independently requesting links. So what you need to do is – make it more effective? You need to find the right place for that over the internet. You can also have Facebook and Twitter pages for specific products or campaigns, which will earn a great deal of traffic signals as well as improve the rankings. On the other hand, you can also control everything about that page putting your content on SlideShare, including title, comments, and the URL. If you make it impressive and effective, it will go to the front page of SlideShare, and ultimately you’ll get a lot of attention.

Another best way is to use Google+. It’s quite surprising that individual posts on Google+ ranks quite well and it’s getting more and more domain authority. You post something with a title by putting * sign at both sides of the sentence, which will become bolded; and that becomes kind of the title of the thread. Further opportunities are: you can put URLs, video and images as well.

Same thing goes with the YouTube and Quora. Getting active on these platforms will definitely help you increase the brand awareness. Forum threads at forums and guest posts are other good options. Guest posts help you bring a great result since it already has a good ranking (particularly in your niche), a popular blog and a lot of domain authority. Instead of running after putting a link there, you should just write a great post. Make sure the post is associated with your brand name and ranks well. Since you are not after a link, it seems you aren’t selfish and you have still a lot of opportunity to do such things.

If you have got some good links from a source but not yet crawled by Google or doesn’t rank, all you need to do is point out some links. This will help that page obtain some further recognition. Making the most of other domains and doing some SEO on someone else’s sites that reference or point to you can help you in one way or another.

Feel free to share your views and thoughts below if you have ever tried this strategy before.

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