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Behavioural Advertising

Behavioural Advertising with Search Results Media

What is Behavioural Advertising?

It is basically targeted advertising to specific users learning about their behaviour and how they can benefit from specific services and products.

Data from several sources are used to generate a profile or persona that can be segment users into certain types. This segmented data is then used to benefit your organization find customers looking for your specific service and products.

Below is an example of an image of a lending company


Here are the 4 takeaways for Behavioural Advertising:

  • Brand: This is a branding campaign with a strong emphasis on trackable traffic
  • Target: We focus on more optimized impressions across more networks
  • Grows: Create “in-market” customers by focusing on the entire sales funnel
  • Evaluate: Secondary Trackable Indicators & Main Indicators

We have achieved remarkable results with Behavioural Advertising for our clients.
ive us a call and let’s discuss how we can get specific customers looking for your service or product.

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