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Operating Rhythm

Operating Rhythm

Even when two companies are running the same businesses and compete in the same market, chances are each has different approach to reach target consumers. The same thing applies to IT recruitment process and agencies. Unlike companies that sell physical goods, recruitment agencies are providing services for many different clients or businesses. Because each business has different needs, the agencies must also accommodate the needs specifically.

Search Results Media believes that there is no one-method-fits-all approach. Despite our proven-effective methods with all our clients, there is always room for changes and innovation without sacrificing efficiency. An on-going development and research for the best professionals have always been the most reliable methods to make sure that our services meet and exceed all expectations. Finding qualified talents is a challenge, especially when added with tight timeframes and specific set of custom requirements. However, we are committed to deliver only the best jobs and develop straightforward solutions to tackle all difficulties.

IT Recruitment Process at Search Results Media

Operating Rhythm

There is always a distinguishable approach with every client, whether it is about company’s long-running traditions, business demands, required work hours, or even department-specific requirements. In general, our IT recruitment processes include at least the following points:

  1. Understanding the requirements: collaboration with internal recruiters or HRD department allows us to completely understand what the clients need. Based on the mutual relationship, we make the necessary preparations to tackle all potential difficulties in the overall process. Sometimes there are differences between business qualification and requirement qualification, and we will only deliver candidates that meet both requirements.
  2. Sourcing and screening: depending on client’s budget, we match the requirements with all available candidates in our existing database and the new one from applicants. We handle all the applications and make a shortlist of qualified professionals.
  3. Initial interview: shortlisted candidates undergo interview process at Search Results Media for further screening before we present them to clients.
  4. Feedback: approved candidates get feedbacks and job offers and other details.

IT recruitment process is an on-going project. Even after the approved candidates are hired, we maintain good communication with clients to get feedback concerning satisfaction level. Apart from getting the advantage of developing long-term relationship with clients, good communication ensures that we can improve services based on client’s opinions. There is always room for improvement and we are eager to always deliver a better service that surpasses client’s demands.

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