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Permanent Placement Services

Permanent Staffing Solutions for your Business

Backed by our extensive experiences as professional staffing agency and broad multinational network in Canada, US, UK, Costa Rica, and India, Search Results Media has access to hundreds of thousands of workforce from all over the globe to provide world-class permanent placement services for all companies running all kinds of businesses. Nearly a decade of professionalism has led us to work with all sorts of clients from SMBs to giant corporations in many different countries.

What We do as one of The best Permanent Staffing Agencies

One of the most important requirements to be reliable permanent staffing agencies is collaboration with global recruiters. At Search Results Media, we fully utilize this advantage to create many different flexible recruiting strategies with strict quality measures as our bare minimum requirements in finding qualified professionals for every position at every level. Apart from that, our approach is always based on consultative relationship with clients to find only those candidates with the most advanced skills for every role. Search results Media can only provide trusted permanent placement solutions because we have:

  • Nearly a decade of experience and broad expertise in the industry
  • Cross-continent teams of recruiters who can always work closely with every client
  • Multinational track records of permanent staffing services at all business levels
  • Risk-free evaluation period
  • Strong determination to build long-term relationship with clients

What We Do As One of the Best Permanent Staffing Agencies

There are many things involved in the process of providing permanent placement solutions, but everything that we do can be divided into four major roles:

  • Recruitment for Permanent Placement: harnessing our broad network and focusing on client-based requirements, we develop strategies to source the most capable candidates to cope with client’s company culture, work environment, and business demands. Straightforward delivery processes including recruiting, interviewing, and training are all carried over in streamlined progress to improve time and cost efficiency. For the clients, productivity is enhanced, hence better ROI.
  • Contract-to-Permanent: recruiting process can continue in the client’s company with our contract-based strategy. It allows clients to see our chosen professionals in action and give chance for the new employees to develop and adapt to new environment. Clients are able to narrow down the selections even further before starting the process for permanent hiring.
  • Volume Recruitment: once again, our broad networks make it easier to complete all tasks. Access to numerous candidates from many different backgrounds in different locations gives leverage for high volume recruitment. Because all processes are still undergone with the same level of standards, quantity and quality are well-balanced.
  • Project-oriented: Search Results Media is able to focus on delivering qualified professionals during tight-timeframe hiring necessities or project-based workforce requirements. An extensive database offers easy and quick sorting procedures without sacrificing quality.
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