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Top Digital Marketing Trends for the Year 2013

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is a modern method Search Results Media (SRM) implements to gain business. SRM uses this tool to help businesses relay their message directly to consumers. This is achieved through various digital channels, some of which include direct emailing, SMS, Newsletters via apps, social networks (facebook, twitter) and mobile devices. These channels ease communication barrier between the consumer and the supplier. This type of marketing can be seen two ways, push digital marketing, and pull digital marketing. Push digital marketing is when organizations send out messages to their target markets without their permission. Pull digital marketing, is when the consumer actively seeks information about an organization.

Additionally, with digital marketing agency get many advantages- consumers are able to receive promotions, coupons, newsletters and other information directly. This grants businesses to advance productively, without the need to spend thousands of dollars on advertisement. Further, SRM implements digital technology in a personalized manner. This way Businesses can send emails to consumers that aim to them specifically. This can be executed by using the consumers name in the email, or referring to their past purchase history. This method tracks the quantitative result of the message that was relayed. Having control over the number of people that have viewed the message sent, can be very beneficial for the company in terms of measuring the target market.

Traditional Marketing vs. Digital marketing

In the past organizations did not have many means of reaching out to their target markets, but today, SRM have unlimited sources. Reaching out to consumers is an inexpensive method that has become very versatile because of digital marketing. With the emergence of the internet and social networks society has leaped into a new realm. So let’s take a look at our latest digital marketing trends.

Digital Marketing Trends

Restructuring: Organizations have implemented a model for employee management, in recent years, especially 2012-2013, the model has changed significantly. Organizations are spending more money in hiring digital marketing staff in companies like Search Results Media. In 2009, 60% of the marketing team had dedicated less than 10 people managing digital marketing, and this year at least 20% had 100 or more employees dedicated to the task. Restructuring the model of management is a key trend seen in the world of digital marketing in 2013.

Email Marketing: Email marketing is growing in an exceptional rate. By emailing, SRM clients are able to send direct messages to their target market. This helps build loyalty, brand awareness and potential customers. Businesses can also send out their promotions, coupons and information about potential careers or general knowledge about their business. This helps “get the word out” in an inexpensive way. This year organizations have experienced a great response from this “emailing” tactic. Consumers have portrayed a great response of up to 30%, and sales have increased in many areas. By targeting direct needs of customers at a personal level, consumers are more likely to spend time exploring what the organization has to offer. Emailing is still growing significantly as a trend, 2013 is only the beginning.

Mobile Marketing: Last year the release of the 3 new Apple Inc. products had consumers lining up at their doors like wild animals! Since many consumers have adapted to these new technologies, Search Results Media has implemented mobile marketing into their marketing strategies. They have developed mobile friendly websites, that are easy to view on a handheld PDA, since the most individuals seem to own one now. The world has started to depend on advancing technology, and so SRM has implemented strategies to help business succeed with technology. Sending out promotions, or sales by SMS have become very common tools to reach the consumer. Mobile marketing is an effective strategy that is one of the fastest growing trends in 2013.

Content Marketing: Another trend SRM has become pronounced this year is content marketing. This strategy is described as putting time and money into creating great quality content for marketing. In the past we have always believed more is better, but 2013 has taught us that quality is more effective than quantity. SRM is aiming to post “smart” data for consumers, so when they use any search tool, they are able to attain the information they’re looking for. This trend is on the rise, as businesses are investing more money into their search media tools.

Integrated Marketing Communications: Businesses are striving to create brand awareness. With globalization hitting its peak, society is exposed to millions of substitutes for every product. Businesses have never spent so much time, effort and money advertising and promoting their products and services as they in recent years. This year, businesses are striving to communicate the same message in many different ways. By emailing the same message, sending SMS’s, posting on websites/facebook, advertising on twitter, consumers are reminded of the same message over and over again. This is an effective way of brand awareness that guarantees success as seen this year. This trend is still growing, as more technologies are beginning to emerge.

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