Virtual Agency

Search Results Media: A Virtual Marketing Agency

The Internet has changed the way we communicate with people and companies conduct their businesses. Without time and distance barriers, all business conducts are happening in much faster pace and great level of comfort without sacrificing professionalism. Virtual marketing agency is a prime example of streamlined, efficient, reliable method to harness the power of Internet for businesses.

Why our Virtual Marketing Services?

In simple words, Virtual Marketing Agency is the modern version of advertising agency characterized by virtual-based work environment. It can do everything that any conventional agency does but without the needs for brick & mortar office. Thanks to the Internet, everything functions normally and everyone fulfils their duties through real-time communications at any given time every day.

A major benefit is the reduced cost because companies no longer need a physical space and pay for all the bills that come with it for examples electricity, rents, conference rooms, office equipment, furniture, and even receptionist. Everyone can work from home without reducing the level of teamwork required. Productivity is still well-maintained to the desired level, yet clients can keep the production cost low. As a result, client can utilize the entire marketing fund for sole purpose of marketing.

At Search Results Media virtual advertising agency, the online system allows clients to check progress, analyze, and discuss any project. All invoices, recent results, estimates and achievable are available in the online platform. All necessary tools such as for approving estimates and downloading prior versions of the project are built-in.

Why Our Virtual Marketing Services?

Many SMBs do not have the luxury to spend considerable amount of money to develop and hire professionals to work as internal marketing agency and this is where virtual marketing services come in. Search Results Media function as virtual marketing manager to analyze business needs, develop marketing strategies, and implement the right methods to achieve goals. Our Virtual Marketing Room is designed for small to medium sized businesses. All plans, progress and results are accessible for clients to check and approve.

Search Results Media addresses all major factors in the marketing strategies for a complete trusted solution. Apart from the usual affair of social media optimization, we also provide the following services:

  • Reputation management: with a growing number of competitors in the market, it is not uncommon to encounter bad publicity (both non-intentional and intentional) that brings your company’s reputation down to difficult level. With an ongoing monitoring, we handle all negative feedbacks or online publications about our client in an honest way. 
  • Guest posting: an effective method to increase brand awareness and strengthen online presence.
  • Inbound marketing: consisting mainly of link-building strategies, inbound marketing improves search results rank and conversion.