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Our Team at Search Results Media

Our team is our Asset. We are passionate about what we do. The values of our team members is to deliver their best by utilizing cutting-edge technology and advanced tools to get a desired outcome. Each of our team members endeavours to give excellent performance and to ensure you get the best experience working with us.

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Rakesh Desai
Rakesh Desai Founder & CEO

Rakesh Desai is passionately engaged in the company’s activities. He has a business administration with experience in Digital Marketing & Investing in new ventures.

Dhaval Desai
Dhaval Desai Director (HR & Finance)

Dhaval Desai takes care of the Operations Management and Finance. He has pursued a degree in Commerce & has experience in marketing & business.

Ross D’Souza
Ross D’Souza VP Business Development

Ross D’Souza has over 20 years of IT experience, has a MBA & B.Tech degree, & is a certified PMP. He is passionate about working with people, finding solutions, and sports, especially soccer.

Rishabh Desai
Rishabh Desai Project Manager

Rishabh is our Project Manager. He handles client communication and oversees/manages the work being done for SEO, Web Development, and Mobile App projects.

Zafar Shaikh
Zafar ShaikhTeam Lead - SEO & PPC

Zafar is our SEO & PPC guru. Being a certified Internet marketing specialist, he manages & nurtures each client building success for them. He loves his music, movies, food, sports & Enfield.

Mohammad Hasan kadiwala
Mohammad Hasan Team Lead - Web Design & Development

Hasan is our lead developer, but really, he should be considered an artist. He makes web designs on paper come to life on the Internet.

Pravi Saklecha
Pravi Saklecha Project Coordinator

Pravi Saklecha has more than 6 years of experience in Digital Marketing. She handles client communication and workflow of all the SEO and PPC Projects.

Ketan Ambaliya
Ketan Ambaliya Sr. Web Developer

Ketan graduated with an Information Technology degree and has worked his way up Search Results Media to a Sr. Web Developer position. Ketan is very passionate about development, cricket and sports in general, and Italian food.

Pranav Desai
Pranav Desai System & Server Administrator

Pranav Desai takes care of our IT administration, is responsible for web servers operation and securities. He loves his computer games, comedy shows and long car drives.

Razi Chaudhary
Razi Chaudhary Jr. Web Developer

Razi is our front-end developer. He does his job passionately along with responsibility and cooperative nature. He specialize in creating custom Websites for our clients.

Ashishgiri K Goswami
Abhijeet Shekhawat Digital Marketing Executive

Abhijeet Shekhawat is a Google Certified Professional and has recently joined Search Results Media as Digital Marketing Executive. He is very dedicated and passionate about SEO, PPC and Social Media Marketing.

Harsh Bhavasr
Harsh Bhavasr Digital Marketing Executive

Harsh Bhavasr is a SEO person in our team and has done his MBA in Finance and Marketing. Apart from being a Digital Marketeer, he is also a Guitarist, Drummer and writes short lines and short poems on various topics.

Krutarth Shah
Krutarth Shah Jr. SEO executive

Krutarth Shah is our Jr. SEO executive. He has very deftly knowledge on google algorithms and Off Page SEO submissions. He is very enthusiastic for his work and he loves Sports, Food and Travelling.

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  • Single page website
  • Clean Code
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  • Responsive Designs
  • Cross browser check

More than a Digital Marketing Agency – We are your Digital Partner. Our Web development is a holistic process. We design solutions after we consider your content strategy, user-pathways, information architecture, and your target audience. Our websites are designed to look great and also perform.

With our Technology Expertise and Economies of scale you can benefit with a low Operation Expense (OPEX) and maintain high margins. We specialize in creating a new avenue to generate leads with your existing business, to managing online marketing strategies & online business reputation.

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