BOT Model

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BOT Model

Our build-operate-transfer (BOT) model refers to an arrangement in which you contract with us to build and manage a team of IT professionals to work on a specific project. We are responsible for recruiting, hiring, and training the IT staff, as well as providing ongoing support and management.

What is BOT Model?

Under the BOT model, we will operate the team as an extension of the company’s own IT department, and the team works on site at our facilities. We are also responsible for transferring knowledge and skills to your own IT staff, so that the company can eventually take over the management and operation of the team.

Why BOT?

The BOT model is often used when a company needs to ramp up its IT capabilities quickly, or when it lacks the expertise or resources to manage a specific IT project internally. It allows the company to access specialized skills and resources on a temporary basis, without the need to make long-term commitments or investments in staff and infrastructure.

Advantages of BOT

Despite the slight increase in cost, the BOT model offers exceptional value to your IT staffing arrangements. With the BOT model, you gain access to a highly skilled team that not only builds your project but also ensures a seamless transfer of knowledge and ownership to your organization. This means you’ll have a fully operational and customized solution, along with the expertise to maintain and scale it effectively in the long run. While there might be a premium associated with the build and transfer components, the long-term benefits and added value make the BOT model a strategic investment for your business.


We build your dedicated IT team with the skill sets required to fill staffing gaps and achieve your technology goals using our extensive recruiting and screening process.


By actively managing each employee to ensure success and continuing to expand your resources as needed, we employ an agile approach to managing your dedicated IT team.


We can provide ongoing assistance for your IT staffing solution. However, we have built a mechanism to smoothly transfer staffing activities if you discover the need to bring your team in-house.

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