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Staff Augmentation

SRM focuses on Internet marketing and website development

Our staff augmentation service handles everything from job opening announcements to the final act of hiring. Utilizing our global network of both active and passive candidates, we make sure your company only gets the most best professionals in the positions you need to fill. We optimize resources according to projects, thus providing you with the best savings for your project budget.

Search Results Media as Your IT Staff Augmentation Company

As one of the leading IT staff augmentation companies, Search Results media focuses on two categories including Internet marketing and website development. Regardless of your business, those departments basically cover all the needs to maintain perfect balance between organization management and proficiency in the modern markets.

We have now grown into a multinational corporation with the majority of operations spread all across Canada, US, UK, India, and Costa Rica. We honor your time and efforts very seriously, and that is why we have a pre-screening process for all potential candidates and set of training materials to get them into a ready-state-of-mind.

Search Results Media as Your IT Staff Augmentation Company

Our IT staff augmentation puts a team together to provide customized solutions for your needs. Depending on our your specification, we help find and hire only those who meet the exact requirements or put a team together that will complete your project. We continuously analyze skills and positions based on the relentless changes of the market. We deliver relevant workforce and improve our services through:

  • Long-term strategic partnership with every client
  • Customized team filled with professionals to support your specific needs
  • Flexible engagement models to fit your budgets and hiring programs
  • Access good professionals focusing on local talents first and then globally

Operating Rhythm

At Search Results Media we execute an efficient screening process as part of our services to hire only quality professional candidates for your company.

To be able to provide our best services as a company we apply a simple & strong operating rhythm to minimize cost without compromising on quality.

There is always a distinguishable approach with every client, whether it is about the company’s long-running traditions, business demands, required work hours, or even department-specific requirements. In general, our recruitment processes include:

  1. Understanding the requirements: collaboration with internal recruiters allows us to understand what the clients need. We will only deliver candidates that meet the business qualification & requirement qualification.
  2. Sourcing and screening: depending on the client’s budget, we match the requirements with all available candidates in our existing database or we source out a new candidate.
  3. Initial interview: shortlisted candidates undergo an interview process at Search Results Media for further screening before we present them to clients.
  4. Feedback: we ask for feedback from potential candidates and the client to improve our processes and systems.

We would love to hear about your requirements for a project or potential candidates. Our number is listed below and at the top of the page, we look forward to hearing from you.

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