What Is a Virtual Agency?

Virtual agencies are in many ways similar to the traditional ad agency. However, these are based on a new business model centered on cost reduction and efficiency.

A virtual agency can cater to different advertising, marketing and PR tasks and operates only online, meaning it does not have an actual office. Its employees work from home, but stay connected virtually and communicate at all times during their work hours. This allows the company to cut costs and focus only on its clients instead of wasting time and resources on administrative tasks, business premises and so on. In consequence, it is able to offer high quality services for a lower price.

What tasks does a virtual agency handle and how?

First, everything an agency of this kind does is based on remote collaboration. Client meetings are handled just the way they prefer – in their own conference rooms. More casual meetings can take place in a high street coffee shop. The work environment is a selection factor of great importance, since not anyone is fit for such approach. Thus, a virtual agency only has perfectly disciplined, self-motivated staff, with a great sense of responsibility and able to work on their own, in perfect coordination with the remote team. As for the specific tasks, see the main areas below:

  • The Virtual Advertising agencyA virtual ad agency has no use for an office. Its creative staff manages themselves and works at their own pace, to make the most of their skills, but always deliver the projects on time. Clients can come online to discuss the status of a project. Superior productivity is ensured through more uninterrupted computer time.
  • The Virtual Marketing agencyMarketing is an industry which thrives on virtual platforms. A virtual marketing agency is adapted to the current economic situation and has a virtual office which streamlines its activity, including client communication. Businesses can now benefit of virtual marketing services of great flexibility, which leads to exceptional results. Clients can discuss online the estimating costs and the stages or versions of a project. The agency enables more creative and better yielding strategies, as the staff works from home, without interruptions or pressure. Clients love the results.
  • The Virtual PR agencyA virtual PR agency is viable and competitive and harnesses talent from all over the world, employing truly creative minds who can’t be fit into a 9 to 5 mold. The reporting structure is just like with the traditional model. Virtual PR agencies employ public relations professionals who can offer round the clock coverage. Clients enjoy the advantage of low overhead, translated to lower rates.

Regardless of the chosen service, a virtual agency will ensure greater creativity and lower costs for everything it does. This is where you can have fresh and unhindered talent working for your business goals.

If these benefits appeal to you and your business, contact the experts at Search Results Media. Visit us online @ https://searchresultsmedia.com. to learn more about how our virtual agency can help you or simply call us @ (416) 900 0904.


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